Pikes Magazine review-STACK


Somebody has made a magazine for the real Club Tropicana, and it looks like a LOT of fun

We don’t normally feature hotel magazines in these video reviews, but Pikes isn’t a normal hotel magazine. Edited by Josh Jones (Pavement Licker, Special Request, ‘SUP and many more) and art directed by design consultancy Big Active, it was created for the Pikes Hotel in Ibiza (the place where the Club Tropicana video was shot) and it’s packed with easy charm and genuine character.

Normally a hotel magazine has to work hard to establish something special about the place, but there’s such an abundance of material to draw upon here that Josh has been able to ease back and let the hotel’s various ambassadors speak for themselves, encouraging their personality onto the page. Take a look at our review video below to see for yourself, then check the Club Tropicana video for the full audiovisual experience…   Please click LINK below the photographs..

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